Day 1 - 19 March 2022

The Spiral Of Containment: Rape’s Aftermath
by Elisa L. Iannacone

The Spiral Of Containment: Rape’s Aftermath, by Mexican-Canadian photographer, cinematographer and foreign correspondent,  Elisa L. Iannacone, opens at CONSTITUTION HILL during HUMAN RIGHTS month. The exhibition features 24 large-scale photographs, soundscapes and installations of rape survivors - each depicted in a fictional environment. Spiral evolved from Iannacone’s own experience of rape, and includes seven South African images. Each portrait, created in collaboration with the subject, reframes the original traumatic experience into one of heroism, empowerment, agency, and revitalised identity.

A workshop programme will focus on the intersection of justice, representation, and rape across jurisdictions. Iannacone is represented by Africa Contemporary Art, with funding, in part, from the National Arts Council.

Reimagining Albus: A critical and visual response
to Albinism in contemporary South African art

by Athenkosi

The title of this exhibition - provides the viewer with a clear message of what the exhibition is 

about – re-establishing the visual perception of Albinism. The term ‘Albino’ originated from the 

term albus, denoting white. In the regard of this exhibition, as the artist, Athenkosi challenges and 

explores the representation of Albinism and Persons Living with Albinism (PLWA) in South 

African art. “I further explore notions of invisibility, Othering, and the gaze. By implementing this 

exhibition, I aim to positively influence the perception of Albinism and PLWAs within black 

communities, and create awareness about Albinism”.


Game-changing Women: A group exhibition 

Changing the game translates differently for each one of us. To some, it’s about microscopic intention in the background, unseen, unheard and the evidence speaks in high volumes. It’s confrontational, direct and to some, it’s a coping mechanism and inversely proportional to intention and yet the impact is felt. 

Basile art and Projects in collaboration with is pleased to present a lively group exhibition of artists. The exhibition aims to celebrate game-changing women in different industries, communities and activism spaces. The body of work is created by five renowned female artists in various mediums to Illuminate the game-changing work of the subject matter.