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Day 3 - 21 March 2022 

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Gender-Based Violence

An Inclusive perspective to grave injustice and violation of human rights.
Time: 13h00

Gender-Based Violence remains a serious problem and threat to human rights in South Africa. While it is important to seek immediate solutions, the holistic approach encompassing all communities impacted by this scourge may be beneficial.

Hosted by Brand South Africa
and Amnesty International


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Amplifying anti-racist voices
Time: 11h30

The struggle against racism is not a one-time event. Although apartheid has been abolished in a formal sense, its legacy remains a defining feature of the South African experience. The inequalities we see today – from infant mortality, life expectancy, digital connectivity, and spatial inequality — are deeply anchored in South Africa’s past and have not been fully undone by its democratic transition.

 A critical step to addressing the challenges faced is the adoption of anti-racist attitudes. Unlike non-racialism or “colour-blindness”, anti-racism requires us to actively dismantle racism wherever we find it - be it our law, our institutions, or even our personal social interactions. This way, anti-racism envisages a whole-of-society transformation that targets racism’s broader, institutional manifestations, as well as its granular expressions on the individual level.

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Time: 14h30